INFORMAT has been established in 1994, and is one of the leading and most experienced companies in the computing field in Israel.

We specialize in technologically advanced computing solutions, and constitute a one stop shop to IT managers.

At INFORMAT you will find a broad range of personalized solutions, including hardware, licensing, comprehensive support services, LENOVO's business series workshop and a wide range of integrated IT infrastructure & solutions.

INFORMAT's computing solutions are found in many of Israel's leading companies. Our solutions, adaptable to the economy's leading industries, are designed to support continuous growth without resorting to repeated upgrades, and are currently installed in Israel's leading corporations.

INFORMAT's technical professionals and sales representatives accompany our clients throughout the process, from design to implementation and after, and customize our products and services to each client's individual needs.


INFORMAT is committed to delivering the highest standard of service to its clients. The INFORMAT client experience begins with personal, close supervision by our team of experienced professionals, certified by world-leading manufacturers; continues through our matching process, in which we select the optimal solutions in each IT domain based on a deep understanding of your needs; and supports you through frequent product updates during the post-sale period